Impactful Community Repair Café Set to Celebrate First Birthday

Repair Café Gosport is having a celebration on Saturday 10th September 2022. We are pleased to announce that the Mayor of Gosport, Councillor Jamie Hutchinson along with other council members and community leaders have confirmed their attendance.

A repair café is a community event that promotes fixing things as an alternative to throwing items in the rubbish. There are thousands of repair cafes around the world and Gosport has one too.

Repair Café Gosport is entirely voluntary, non-commercial, and governed by our volunteers. It is a founding member of the Hampshire Repair Café Network and supported by Hampshire County Council. The celebrations will follow their regular monthly event and are an opportunity to meet the volunteers and see how the community benefits. 

Members of the public bring their broken things and work with volunteer repairers to save them from being thrown away, so that we can :

  • Help our community save money during the cost-of-living crisis
  • Reduce waste and address environmental concerns
  • Empower our community and provide an inclusive social environment

Repair Café Gosport is based at the community makerspace in Quay Lane, MAKE Gosport.

Our popular events are now a fixture in the community calendar. It’s a fun, social event, which happens every month. My fellow volunteers use their skills to empower neighbours to fix their items and save them from waste and recycling. As we sign-up more volunteers we will further increase the number of items we repair.

David Marks, Founder of Repair Café Gosport

We are delighted to see the work of The Repair Café and its volunteers over the past year. We have welcomed them as one of our member organisations, helped them with their development of their governance and they were successful in applying for a grant from the Gosport Community Lottery.” 

“They have also been giving back to other organisations through the Bringing Gosport Together Network and sharing skills and knowledge to other community organisations. This is what makes our town so fabulous and the people in it equally so. We have so many good people doing good things that celebrating them is important for letting everyone know what opportunities there are and how vital volunteering is to our community.”

Kay Hallsworth, CEO of Gosport Voluntary Action

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Nick Van de Weyer MCIM
Publicity Officer

Notes to Editors

Repair Café Gosport,
Repair Café Gosport’s goal is to empower local people  to come together in a relaxed environment to save money, share skills and reduce waste by repairing items that would otherwise be thrown in the bin.
– worked on 146 devices in their first year, preventing 475kg of waste and saving 3,651 kg CO2 emissions – which is the same as driving 18,905 miles (source– is a member of Gosport Voluntary Action (GVA) – is supported by a grant from the Gosport Community Fund.
– initially funded through Hampshire County Council’s Waste Prevention Community Grant Fund, which recognises the importance of community repair and reuse, and is part of the Council’s Smart Living initiative
– part of an international network of more than two thousand repair cafés.– started by David Marks and Paul Cobb of MAKE Gosport– governed by its volunteers since June 2022.
– a founding member of the Hampshire Repair Café Network. 

MAKE Gosport is a 5,000sq ft (450sqm) Makerspace (Hackspace),a shared community workshop / laboratory / studio. Local artists, engineers, makers, thinkers and tinkerers work together to provide tools and learning resources to the community. MAKE Gosport:

  • Founded by local entrepreneur, Paul Cobb and opened in September 2020 
  • Provides tools and resources to unleash the creativity in the local community
  • Welcomes new members.

Web: MAKE Gosport – Community Makerspace Project.

Hampshire Repair Café Network is an initiative that aims to support Repair Cafes in Hampshire through sharing information and best practice (enquiries to

Gosport Voluntary Action (GVA) is Gosport’s Council of Voluntary Service (CVS) and has been supporting voluntary and community activity across the Gosport borough since 1990.  It’s a membership organisation representing voluntary and community groups and organisations working in the Borough of Gosport.
Web: Gosport Voluntary Action (