Volunteers Together Fix Lamp

At Repair Cafe Gosport we often look at repairs for other volunteers. At our event in December, I had time to look at a lamp from one of the other volunteers. The initial symptom was that it did turn on but an indication light did come when it was plugged into charge. This was an opportunity to look at a Repair with a group of other volunteers so we can share ideas.

The team deciding on the first move in the Make Gosport electronics Lab
📷 Nirosha (Volunteer at Repair Cafe Gosport)

The first thing we checked was the voltage on the battery, which was within the expected range. So the next thing I tried was powering the light from an external supply, this is one of the great pieces of equipment available at Make Gosport.

Having the lamp itself was OK, we started to look at the control board, I plugged it back together to see if we could see a fault with the switch. Once reconnected the lamp switch on and off reliably.

It was not clear why it started to work, having taken it apart and put it back together. This can be frustrating when we don’t know how we fixed something but it is one more thing that will not need to be thrown away and that is more important.

Record of success
📷 Nirosha (Volunteer at Repair Cafe Gosport)