Repairing a Hot Glue Gun

A hot glue gun is a key repair tool. My hot glue gun was damaged, so it needed to be fixed.

The trigger no longer pushed the glue stick into the heated extruder. It had dropped down and jammed.

Dismantling the glue gun was easy by removing 6 identical screws

The mechanism work with a trigger that hinges using two mounting holes in the casing which has become broken.

I opted to fix this by using epoxy putty, this is useful repair aid, which normally comes as a pellet of two parts that are mixed by hand.

Mixing the epoxy putty

Using the putty I formed a strengthening piece in each half of the case that retained the broken pieces of plastic back in place.

Once the putty had set, I check the trigger mechanism moved freely and then reassembled the glue gun. Once reassembled a test proved it work properly.

Testing the glue gun