Servicing Scientific Calculators for the next generation

Most of us will use the calculator on our phones as adults but children and students sitting exams still need a dedicated calculator, mine were sitting unused in a drawer. When I saw a social media post from a friend asking about a recommendation for a calculator for their children, I offered to pass mine on to the next generation.

To bring them back to a serviceable state:

  • Remove the old batteries, testing them on a power supply before fitting new batteries. In the case of the AA batteries, rechargeable batteries were used.
  • They were cleaned with isopropyl alcohol to remove dirt and name markings. Dismantling them made this easier.
  • The front panel that covered the screen which was coming loose where the glue had dried out was removed, old glue scrapped out and glued back in place

Once they were reassembled they were tested to check they worked as expected.