Slipping Mouse Wheel

I was getting frustrated that my computer mouse did not scroll up and down smoothly, so I decided to give it a clean as this often solves similar problems.

The technique to dismantle a mouse normally involves carefully pealing back stickers to expose the screw, undoing the screws, removing the case pieces disconnecting any internal cables as you go.

As I was cleaning it, I noticed that the rubber grip rotated on the spindle, this was likely the cause of wheel movement not being registered as scrolling.

To address this problem, I removed the rubber grip and carefully applied some plastic solvent glue. This “melts” two bits of plastic or rubber together with the advantage it can be applied very precisely.

The glue dries in a few seconds and I was then able to test that movement of the wheel whilst holding the spindle did not result in the grip slipping.

The mouse was then reassembled in reverse order and worked much better (I used it without frustration to write this blog)