Badminton Racquet Grip Replacement

The grip on my Badminton Racquet was falling apart and needed to be replaced.

As with many repairs, I started off with YouTube and watched a couple of videos, choosing this one as the best one to follow.

Having bought a replacement grip online, I stripped off the retaining tape and original grip; using a knife to remove the staple and bits of the old grip left behind.

Having removed the old grip I applied the new one carefully mainlining the spacing and tension as I went.

Applying the new grip

I got the angle of the final cut slightly wrong, but I could cut along the edge of the top cap with a scalpel before applying the retaining tape to correct the problem as I had planned that this might not go entirely to right.

The brand-new grip installed successfully

Each time I do this job, I am getting slightly better at it. It may have even improved by play slightly.